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Lens, Light, and Landscape: Glenn Randall's Blog

A great landscape photograph has to begin with an emotional reaction to the light on the land, but it cannot end there. Photography today is highly technical as well as emotional. You can have the most profound experience imaginable, but if you haven't mastered the craft of photography, the images you produce will fail. Capturing what you saw is easy: just put the camera to your eye and push the button. Capturing what you felt is harder, and capturing what you felt in such a clear and compelling way that you can spray some ink on a piece of paper and make your viewer feel the same emotions you felt when you captured the image ‒ that is when landscape photography can truly become an art.


I hope that Lens, Light and Landscape will help you master the art, craft, and science of landscape photography. Once a month, I plan to add a new post addressing some aspect of landscape photography. Topics will include scouting, atmospheric optics, how lighting angles vary across the seasons, composition, metering high-contrast scenes, digital image processing, crafting compelling prints, how our eyes see art and many more. My monthly email newsletter will contain a link to each new post. If you'd like to receive my newsletter, please join my mailing list by entering your address in the form below. And if you think a friend would enjoy this post, please forward the link. Thanks for reading ‒ please let me know what you think!

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