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Testimonials from Print Customers


Each panel of this gallery-wrap canvas triptych of fall colors in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado measures 21x94 inches.

Meryn H.

"When my husband and I moved back to Colorado, we knew that we wanted to find pictures to hang in our new house to show our love of the state. After googling for Colorado mountain pictures, we came across Glenn’s website. His photos are beautiful and many are quintessential Colorado. We fell in love with his Cimarron Country Panorama.

Glenn was extremely helpful in showing us the different mediums we could order that photo on. He always kept in quick contact to answer our questions and was very patient with all of our back-and-forth during our decision-making process. We finally placed our order through Glenn and got an 84” by 44” Duraplaq gallery float. It was delivered directly from the Duraplaq company and we are very impressed with the result. The photo looks amazing!

We would highly recommend Glenn for any of your photo needs!"

Meryn Holt Cimarron Country Panorama ins

A 44x84 inch gallery float of Cimarron Country Panorama after installation

Don N.

I received the order yesterday (for prints of Milky Way from Dead Horse Point and Perseid Meteor Shower over the Titan II). While attending the University of Utah in the 1980’s, I would often go down to Moab to hike and camp on weekends. My favorite place to camp was right outside Dead Horse Point and the photograph captures the night sky exactly how I remember it……..spectacular!! I’m thrilled with the prints. Thanks so much.

Tina J.

“We owned this same print (Columbine along the Trail to Arapaho Pass) and we had it hanging in our house outside of Estes Park for years and years. The house was destroyed in a landslide during the floods in September of 2013.  We loved the picture so much, I've been looking to replace it but I didn't have your name. Several times I just Googled "Columbine photography Colorado" and didn't find you but this time I did!  We're very happy and excited to have one of our favorite things back!”

Mellany T.

“Sincere thanks for your prompt attention to my print of Milky Way Panorama and Longs Peak, and for sending the framing info. I hope my framing company will do it justice. It's a profoundly beautiful picture. You went to great lengths to acquire it.”

Dennis K.

"Several years ago I climbed the two Maroon Bells over 14,000 feet, and I always thought it would be a great photo viewing the two Maroon Bells from the lake in the fall colors.  I did a Google search of Colorado landscape photographers. Your name was one of several that came up.  I viewed your gallery on-line and found the photo of the Maroon Bells I was looking for, (Maroon Bells at Sunrise) at what I thought was a reasonable price. So I ordered it. I have it hanging in my living room of my home in Wisconsin and I love it!"

Athena S.

“We were searching for a night sky scene with mountains in Colorado and through that very narrow search found your website. We picked Milky Way over Lone Eagle Peak because the colors of the photo perfectly complemented the room that it was going in, and because the image could be printed at the size we wanted (40x50 inches). The gallery float looks beautiful on our large wall and completes our room. It's an image that you can't get tired of looking at.”

Dorothy D.

"I used to live in Farmington, New Mexico, and used to hike and 4WD the San Juans. I’ve set up a business (in Australia) and I have been wanting a photo of Uncompahgre Peak to frame and keep as inspiration as I had the best trip around that area. I’ve been looking for a photo for a while but this morning I found your website by googling “uncompahgre peak photo” and selecting images. The picture I’ve selected (Uncompahgre Peak at Sunset) was amongst those on the page and about as close as I’ve seen to date as to what I have been looking for. The light, the framing with the flowers, and the aspect of the mountain are (to my mind) perfect and really bring back the amazingness of the San Juans. I looked though your website and many of your photos were wonderful, more poetic than others I had seen. I especially liked the flowers in the foreground with the mountains in the distance. But I selected this one because I specifically wanted Uncompahgre Peak."

Richard B.

"My wife and I recently purchased Star Trails over Old Faithful and we are extremely pleased with the print.  It will forever remind us of the trip that we took to Yellowstone this past winter.

On our trip, we meet Glenn Randall.  We struck up a conversation with him and he told us that he was in Yellowstone to capture Old Faithful illuminated by a full moon.  He explained all of the things that needed to fall into place for him to capture the image.  We wished him good luck on his endeavor.

We spoke with Glenn each day and asked him if he was able to accomplish his objective.  Each day, with disappointment in his voice he explained that he was not able to get the image.  Cloud cover and bison posed major obstacles to his quest.  We admired his tenacity and perseverance as he braved the cold weather and unpredictable conditions.

As we were waiting for a snow coach to take us out of the park we encountered Glenn for one last time.  We did not even have to ask if he was successful as he explained he was able to capture the image on his last night in the park.  He told us to watch his website for the finished product."

Sonali P.

“I was in the market for a photo of Mt. Columbia or Mt. Democrat as these are the names of the two conference rooms at Children’s Hospital Colorado that our pediatric cardiology fellows spend most of their time in. I found Glenn Randall through a Google search and quickly saw the beautiful photo Sunrise from Mt. Columbia. I picked it in part because it was shot from the summit looking out over the valley below. It seemed appropriate to give this photo as a graduation gift to our fellows as they complete their training here and head out into the world.”

Char A.

"I am very happy with the 32 x 90 inch triptych of Mt. Sneffels from East Dallas Creek Panorama  that you created for our living room! It looks great above the entertainment center and is the perfect size and color. I really appreciate the time you took to search your library. You found a mountain scene in my preferred colors that you could adapt to a triptych without losing the beauty and colors of the photo. I have had nothing but great reviews from everyone who has stopped by to see this beautiful creation!"

Stan Z.

“When Mike Gegen, a financial adviser and friend from Colorado, mailed a copy of your book Sunrise from the Summit to my wife Gina and me, it may have been the first time I read every word of a picture book. After reading your book, I immediately ordered a copy for a friend and thought to myself, “Wouldn't it be interesting to meet this unreasonable photographer who invested seven years in photographing sunrise from the summits of all 54 Fourteeners?” In planning for our upcoming wedding anniversary, the obvious & appropriate gift for us to give to ourselves was a Glenn Randall photo of sunrise over Gray's Peak. Gina and I got married on the summit of Gray's Peak on August 31, 2012. We chose this “once in a blue moon” date so we could experience the blue moon setting and the sun rising from the summit. The wedding party of eight started the trek at 1:30 am with headlamps on, which allowed us to greet the sun from the summit at day break. Our friend John Fritz camped on Gray's cold and windy summit and greeted us in the morning. His tent provided a changing room for the bride. Mike McArthur, a minister and All-American wrestler from Minnesota, performed a quick wedding ceremony, pronouncing us man & wife. We then retreated from the summit to get relief from the high winds. Back at the trail head we all enjoyed a blue-moon wedding toast! We have great appreciation for your friendly customer service, prompt follow-up and easy-to-use website. We are glad our life paths have crossed.”

Laura S.

"I actually found your site through Google; I was specifically looking for a "four seasons" shot of Bear Lake as a present for someone in my family, as my grandfather was a ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park and that lake has a special meaning for my family. You had a beautiful set of images, (Bear Lake Four Seasons) so I bought them!"

Bryan B.

“I found you through a Google search. My family and I vacationed in Ridgway this summer. We spent a week seeing many amazing sights. Blue Lake, Black Canyon, Telluride, Ouray, etc. The cabin we rented had a panoramic view of this mountain range (the Sneffels Range). We were so in love with it and our cameras just don't do it justice. I wanted to get something special for my brother for Christmas and did a Google search for "Sneffels Range Framed Art" hoping I might find something like your site. Sneffels Range Panorama will be a cherished memory and piece of art for many years to come.”

Cheryl L.

"I received my print (Columbine along the Trail to Arapaho Pass) the same week I ordered it and couldn't believe how fast it came. It's absolutely beautiful & was a very hard choice to choose from all the pictures."

Chris M.

"I found your photography through my parents - they have a panorama and a four seasons print. I grew up in Colorado and went to college in Boulder, but moved to San Diego a few years ago for work. I wanted something really nice to remind me of home, and while all your work is beautiful, I remember my parents used to take me up to Timberline Pass once a year as a kid and we would stop at the gift shop for some hot cocoa with a view. That's why I chose this particular photograph (Timberline Pass Panorama)."

Sherril K.

“The 35 of us in attendance (at the exchange of gifts on Christmas Eve) very much admired and appreciated your beautiful photographic art (Wildflowers above Blue Lake).  Spectacular! The recipient was especially impressed and very delighted to receive such a special gift. I will keep you in my favorites file!”  

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