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Here's what my students have had to say about my digital landscape photography workshops:

"Top-flight instructor - knew his material and, even more importantly, knew how to teach it." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"I've been photographing for 10 years now, and I still learned a ton in this class!" Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Glenn was a very good instructor, able to handle novices and experts in the same class, all of us learning something." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"I have taken photo seminars before from other instructors but Glenn was far superior. I learned a lot more than I expected." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Glenn is an excellent instructor. He explains the complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. He is very professional and cares very much about helping the students." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"He is the one instructor I've had who is more interested in helping the students improve their photography skills rather than taking good photos himself." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"It was my first workshop ever and I can't wait to sign up for more. I believe Glenn was a wonderful instructor and feel very honored that he shared so much of his personal knowledge that he worked so long and hard to gain. That really is priceless in my book." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"I learned more in that one weekend at your workshop than I learned in five or six other workshops combined." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Awesome instructor! Great personalized and group instruction, expert knowledge. I appreciated that he could explain the science and physics behind the topics and techniques he presented. This course gave me the background to dive much further into digital photography." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"The seminar was so helpful on every possible level. Glenn is awesome and a really great, personable, friendly teacher." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Thank you so much for all the great tips. Your workshop will completely change the way I take pictures in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Glenn is exceptionally knowledgeable, incredibly prepared, and is an excellent teacher." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"Thanks for the outstanding workshop. Your knowledge of all aspects of landscape photography and your ability to teach are impressive. I can tell you strive to hear where a student is coming from and coach them to evolve to the next level." Anonymous comment on Rocky Mountain Conservancy course evaluation form.


"I also wanted to share that I thought you were a wonderful teacher. You really took time to answer every question with great patience. I've taken a lot of classes and finding a great photographer that is also a great teacher is very rare. You were by far the best photography teacher I have ever had. The time you spent with me on composition was fantastic and I have heard your voice in my head repeatedly as I take photos. You were also unusual in that you actually altered your presentation to address the specific goals that each of your students shared when submitting your questionnaire. Thank you." David Bates, student in June 2014 Rocky Mountain Conservancy workshop.


"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the recent “Shooting the Stars” class and to say what an excellent instructor Glenn Randall is. I’ve taken quite a few photography workshops, seminars, & classes over the years, and Mr. Randall is by far the best instructor—he is well organized, he covered everything a beginner needs to get started in night photography, plus what toys you will have to get if you decide to be serious about this. Also he went around to all attendees several times in the field to be quite sure we all understood what to do, which is unheard of in my experience; most instructors expect you to hunt them down if you have questions. I was very impressed!" Betty Neale, student in Rocky Mountain Conservancy workshop.


"I wanted to say thank you for such an incredible weekend! Your level of knowledge and attention to detail are amazing. You have opened my eyes not just to everything that you taught us, but to the fact that we can pre-think and pre-plan our shots in great detail. As an old pilot I love it when I start to integrate maps, compasses, weather forecasts, azimuths, and all of the other details into my photography! Very cool stuff! More importantly I wanted to mention how impressed I was with your teaching style. You have a very natural, friendly, and clear (which is critically important!) way of teaching and dealing with the class. Some of the things you were teaching us were very detailed and complicated to teach in a simple and clear way and you certainly achieved that. To add to that, your written material is also clear and precise and will continue to be a valued source of information for me." William Freund, student in March 2015 Rocky Mountain Conservancy workshop.


"Thank you for a great day yesterday. It was the best learning experience I’ve ever had. It tops all the online classes, the group workshops, and all the free stuff online. The combination of your book (The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography) and the workshop will elevate my skills to a higher level. I hope we can do it again next year and I will add even more skill." Al Caporaso, student in private workshop in September 2016.


"I absolutely enjoyed every minute of the workshop. You are a great teacher. I learned a huge number of new ideas and better ways of creating my shots and processing my photos. You are very good at what you do. I was lucky to find you. Give me a few months to work on what I've learned and I will sign up for either a workshop or a private lesson as needed. Thank you!" Chad Wilcox, student in private workshop in June 2017.


"I want to tell you how much I got out of your workshop this last week. You have opened my eyes, and my mind, and given me some invaluable advice that will definitely improve my photography going forward. Speaking as someone who has attended many aviation schools and recurrent training sessions throughout my forty-year career as a pilot, I know an excellent instructor when I see one. You not only know your stuff, but also are genuinely interested in furthering the technique and vision of your students." Ron Winsor, student in April 2018 Art and Science of Landscape Photography workshop.


"Known among my pals as a "rich cheapskate", I nonetheless feel your class was worth every penny.  Your understanding of night photography is profound, yet you have the gift of packaging knowledge into clear, digestible chunks." Peter Shikli, student in July 2018 Shooting the Stars workshop.


"Your workshop is the benchmark from which to measure all other workshops.  Possibly the best training session I have received in my life.  Thank you." Peter Engelhardt, student in October 2018 Sunsets and Stars at Great Sand Dunes National Park workshop.


"Outstanding workshop. Quality of instruction and materials was above expectations. We especially appreciated Glenn’s attention to students and their questions (as opposed to doing his own shooting). He was very helpful in finding nice compositions. Getting Milky Way instruction and successful results was a special feature of the class. (We had tried this a couple times before with very meager results.) This was a very busy workshop, but pulled off successfully. Just don’t plan on too much sleep. (This was 'as advertised.')" RC and Donna Pyle, students in May 2019 Moab in Spring workshop.


"I just wanted to tell you again how pleased I was with your workshop and how much I learned! The format was just right with the mixture of lecture and shooting, but one of the most valuable pieces of all of this was your continued hands-on and individual attention to each of us throughout the entire workshop. Answering any and all questions was direct, succinct, and thorough – even with all of the different skill and knowledge levels that the participants exhibited. Having the handouts for study and reference now that we are home is a tremendous benefit. While we were out shooting, your dedication to see what we were shooting and help us achieve good photos with tips and suggestions was exceptional. The help with camera settings, computer situations, and composition tips was way beyond any other workshop that I have attended!" Linda Haehnle, student in June 2019 Shooting the Stars workshop.

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