The 2022 San Juans in Autumn Digital Landscape Photography Workshop

Come master the art and science of digital landscape photography in Colorado’s spectacular San Juan Mountains. Your workshop will be based in Ridgway, in the heart of the San Juans, the best place in the state to shoot expansive aspen groves and snow-capped 14,000-foot peaks. This workshop will combine ample field time during the peak of the fall color season with intensive classroom instruction. The class will enjoy two sunrise and two sunset shoots at prime locations near Ridgway. The timing and quality of the fall color varies year-to-year, so I will scout possible locations immediately before the workshop to ensure that students have the opportunity to shoot the best fall color available. My lectures will explain the techniques behind my best images. Classroom sessions will cover information every landscape photographer should know:

  • How to find great locations and plan photo shoots using Photo Ephemeris Web and Sun Surveyor;

  • How to convert your initial emotional reaction to the scene into a carefully crafted composition that will evoke the emotion you are feeling in the mind of your viewer;

Sneffels Range from Dallas Divide after a September snow, Mt. Sneffels Wilderness, Colorado

Sneffels Range from Dallas Divide after a September snow, Mt. Sneffels Wilderness, Colorado

  • How to photograph successfully in any kind of light, from the soft light of a cloudy day to the high-contrast light of a backlit sunset;

  • How to compose, shoot, and stitch together single-row and multi-row panoramas;

  • And much more.

All students will receive extensive handouts on the key information covered during the workshop, including Mastering Dramatic Light, an 42-page PDF on how to shoot great images in high-contrast situations. When the workshop is over, students will have a deeper understanding of how to find and capture magnificent images of the natural world.


Workshop dates: September 27-29, 2022


Workshop fee: $945

Enrollment is limited to 10 students.


The most convenient lodging for this workshop is at the Ridgway Lodge, in Ridgway, directly across Highway 550 from the Ouray County 4-H Center, where classroom sessions will be held. Students are responsible for booking and paying for their own lodging under their own name. Be sure to request an upstairs or downstairs room when you make your reservation. The Ridgway Lodge does not have an elevator. Meals and lodging are not included in the $945 workshop fee. Please make your lodging reservations early. The Ridgway Lodge is typically sold out at that time of year. I encourage students to stay at the Ridgway Lodge for their own convenience, but there is no obligation to stay at the lodge to take the workshop.


Portions of this workshop will be conducted on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests under special use permit from the Forest Service, USDA.


Glenn Randall Photography is an equal-opportunity service provider.


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