Rough Mule's Ears and the Organ

Rough Mule's Ears and the Organ, Arches National Park, Utah

Say “Utah” and many people picture a searing hot desert with sparse, drab vegetation, cloudless blue skies and relentless sunshine 365 days a year. In reality, the weather in Arches National Park is far more varied than most people assume. At any time of year, storms can bring surprising amounts of moisture. If springtime happens to be wet, as it was in the spring of 2007, the high desert landscape of the park can actually sprout beautiful wildflowers for a few short weeks. I found these rough mule’s ears in bloom while scouting near some of Arches’ most famous landmarks. From left to right, they are the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock (almost hidden in shadow) and the imposing monolith called The Organ.

Glenn Randall Photography

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