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The front cover of a book by Glenn Randall titled Dusk to Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography at NightToday, a mysterious and fascinating new world is opening up for landscape photographers. In the past, landscape photography largely ended when the last light of dusk faded from the sky. Today, it’s only beginning. The latest digital cameras have made it easy to create images of the landscape at night that film and early digital photographers could only dream of. Equipped with off-the-shelf cameras, more and more photographers are venturing into the night, far beyond the comforting glow of city lights, and returning with spectacular images unlike anything seen before. Dusk to Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography at Night is your trail map for this new photographic wilderness. It will teach you how to plan, shoot, and process professional-quality images of the Milky Way, auroras, lunar eclipses, meteor showers, star trails, and landscapes lit solely by moonlight. Throughout the book, I emphasize ways to integrate beautiful depictions of the night sky with equally compelling renditions of the land below to create landscape images that evoke a sense of place—and a sense of wonder. Equipped with the knowledge in this book, readers will be prepared to create their own nocturnal masterpieces.


“My profession has also afforded me the honor and pleasure of collaborating with many of the most illustrious names in the field. What is striking about this community is the generosity of spirit and willingness— even eagerness—of nature photographers to share what they’ve learned and to teach and inspire. Glenn Randall is one of those photographers who has a talent not only for making remarkable images but also for clearly communicating the techniques he uses to achieve those results….This is the most comprehensive guide to night photography that I’ve yet seen, and one I will reference to improve my own work.” —From the foreword by Wes Pitts, editorial director, Outdoor Photographer Magazine



Available from Rocky Nook. 222 pages, 8x10 images, $39.95 paperback, $31.99 eBook.


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The front cover of a book by Glenn Randall titled The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape PhotographyThe Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography teaches photographers how to distill visual peak experiences—moments of extraordinary natural beauty that evoke a sense of wonder and awe—into stunning images that elicit the same awestruck emotion in their viewers.


I begin by focusing on the art of landscape photography. I describe my three-step process for composing a photograph and show how good composition is an organic process that begins with rules but ultimately transcends them.


I then explore the science behind successful landscape photographs, which requires understanding key concepts from geography, optics, vision, and psychology. These concepts include:


• Understanding how the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset varies throughout the year, which will help you plan when and where to shoot.


• Understanding atmospheric optics, which enables you to predict where rainbows will appear, how polarizers will interact with reflections, and where to find spectacular light.


• Understanding how to use topographic maps and computerized mapping tools, which can help you find the most promising locations in the wilderness.


• Understanding how our visual system analyzes high-contrast scenes and the psychology of how we view art. These insights will help you produce more successful photographs.


Exposure is a central aspect of the craft of landscape photography, and I tackle the challenges of this topic from every angle—from tips on calculating exposures in the field, to achieving correct exposure in high-contrast lighting situations, to the best digital darkroom techniques.


Great landscape photography can be mastered with practice and by applying the techniques taught in this book. The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography is intended for those who already understand the basics of photography and who are ready to master the finer nuances of creating magnificent landscape photographs.


"This book is fantastic. The author packs a lot of information in this book. It's not about the basics of exposure. You need to understand all of that before reading this book. It's about understanding how to capture great landscape photographs, key techniques to process them, and the basic science behind vision and things like rainbows to give you a better understanding of how to capture them. The chapters on processing multiple exposures to achieve the equivalent of using filters (but better - think irregular shapes on the horizon) are well worth the price of the book alone. To be clear on what I mean by processing, it's blending and minor adjustments. He does talk about HDR, but only for producing natural images to more closely simulate what the eye sees vs. the dynamic range of the camera. This is not a book about plugins, replacing skies, or any trickery. If that's what you are after, you'll want to look elsewhere. I can't recommend the book highly enough."--Buck Hodges


Available from Rocky Nook. 240 pages, 8x10 inches, $39.95 paperback, $31.99 eBook.


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The cover of a book by Glenn Randall titled Dusk to Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography at NightSummits are magical places. Reaching the summit of a high peak gives me the exhilarating, humbling, and awe-inspiring experience of being a tiny speck on top of the world. To me, mountaineering is a metaphor for the human condition. It embodies in concrete form the way we reach for the sky, yet can only climb so high. In the spring of 2006, I began working on a series of images I hoped would capture these complex emotions. Seven years later, I finished the project. Sunrise from the Summit showcases 92 images from that monumental effort. The images are accompanied by the stories behind the most eventful ascents.


Published by Farcountry Press. 128 pages, 10x10.5 inches, $26.95 hardcover.


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"I got this as a Christmas present. Perhaps like most, I immediately thumbed through the photographs and enjoyed them thoroughly. There are 101, but it didn't seem like there were that many as I was left wanting more, and more, and more... Then it was only yesterday that I started reading the back story to these very beautiful images and quickly discovered that this narrative added an incredible dimension to the images. The story and adventure documented in capturing these photographs is as wonderful as the images themselves. Wonderful photography and great back story! It doesn't get any better. Thank you Glenn! Awesome!"--Jeff Owens

Cover of book titled Colorado Wild & BeautifulColorado Wild & Beautiful presents 125 images culled from 30 years of exploring the Centennial state. Working primarily with a large-format, 4x5 field camera that captures amazing detail, I compiled an in-depth portrait of a remarkably diverse place. Not content with photographing familiar Colorado scenes, I backpacked alone into the heart of the state’s most spectacular mountain ranges while carrying 70 pounds of camera and camping gear. My travels on foot, snowshoes, skis, and rafts took me to the most remote corners of Colorado. During my journeys, I photographed not only the state’s abundant natural beauty but also its historical sites, wildlife, and outdoor adventurers. Colorado Wild & Beautiful is a joyous celebration of a unique state.


Published by Farcountry Press. 120 pages, 11x12 inches, $32.95 hardcover.


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"I have purchased a lot of coffee table books, and this one stands out. The photographs are exceptionally clear with rich color and texture. Having lived in Colorado and also vacationed there many times, this book really captures the rugged beauty of the state. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality of this book."--Stephen Tuttle

Cover of book by Glenn Randall titled Rocky Mountain National Park ImpressionsRocky Mountain National Park Impressions is my tribute to a corner of Colorado that’s been close to my heart ever since I moved to the state in 1975. Located just an hour’s drive from my home in Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park is where I did much of my early backpacking, climbing, and backcountry skiing. It’s also the first place I explored deeply when I became a professional landscape photographer in 1993, and a place I have returned to again and again. To me, the park is like an artist’s canvas that renews itself each day, offering endless possibilities for new and inspiring images.


Published by Farcountry Press. 80 pages, 8x9 inches, softcover, $12.95


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"I used to live close to Rocky Mtn National Park and I hiked, camped, fished, backpacked and skied there almost weekly for 20 years. This book takes me back to those happy times and makes me feel connected again to an area that means a lot to me. Thanks!"--Linda Miller

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